#wearesanremo: a hashtag with over 8K posts

On the wake of Host 2019 we celebrate yet another success. During the entire 5-day Milan event, our booth has not stopped for a second. 

Since opening day, the room where the brand new Sanremo BRAVE was displayed (three machines in different areas of the booth) has been ceaselessly visited by people captivated by the look of our new born. It is not all just look, though, but a new way of communicating with the barista, allowing them to adjust every singe parameter or to completely rely on the machine in auto mode. This is the first espresso machine that communicates with its user by showing all the parameters on a large screen.

The showcase of this machine was introduced by some words from S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team) and our technicians, who explained how to use this machine to the visitors. To top it all off, we also held an international event, where the machine was launched live from Milan during a Sanremo-sponsored event taking place in Canada.

6 years after the revolution introduced by Opera in the coffee machine world, our new flagship model promises to go further beyond.

The centre of attention at the event was our Sanremo Garage, an initiative where Phillip Pulis, owner of Melbourne-based Absolute Espresso Services, created two, exclusive custom coffee machines, two one-of-a-kind pieces that caught the attention of experts and enthusiasts of all ages. The result was one of the most clicked pictures on social networks on those days and one of the most photographed machines of the entire show.

Guests continued to visit the booth to take a peek at the machines; caught by incredible ambience created by the team, identified on social network by the hashtag #wearesanremo, they ended up staying much longer than expected. Many stuck around at booth L50M39 to partake in the festive moments that went on relentlessly; with food and music we showed our will to be with our guests and celebrate long months of hard work on many new projects.

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