Smart Coffee

Zoe Competition

In its compact size, Zoe Competition contains a number of smart solutions that make it the ideal partner for coffee roasters and coffee lovers alike. The sturdy chassis, for instance, is not just a modern design element, but forms integral part of the machine. Without shells or panels, the machine reduces the management, maintenance and servicing costs.

Perfect square

The form of function.

Zoe’s particular features range from the structure all the way to its versatility. Many new features were introduced over the years to update this machine and give it the best opportunity to cater to market needs while meeting our standards.


Shot timer

To monitor the proper grinding to output ratio according to the extraction time.

Illuminazione LED del piano di lavoro

LED-lit working area

It allows to work effectively regardless of the lighting performance in the room



Colour-customisable to match every décor

Sanremo Zoe Competition

Zoe Competition Range

Zoe White

Zoe Tall

Sanremo Zoe Competition

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